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Our Promise

Helping Carolina Businesses Work efficiently and effectively with evolving technology since 1997.



Where our service is not just a product, but a partnership.

Digital Imaging works hard to maintain our established relationships and to provide efficient, productive, and profitable. Our team of experts fit effortlessly into the workings of your business for a smooth transition to more functional business solutions. You can count on Digital Imaging to deliver on the following commitments:


Local Company. Local Solutions. 

A locally owned dealer, with local dispatch, local spare parts support, local warehousing, and complete account management capabilities. 

Network Support

Customers using Digital Imaging can team up to connect and configure their network, support users, protect against cyber risk, and receive on-site support.

Thorough Training

Upon delivery, our experienced technicians will properly install your equipment. Then, your representative will provide you with a complimentary training session in which they will thoroughly review all of the features of system’s operations. We will also visit your office several times within the first month to answer any questions you might have and further assist you in mastering the operation of all the features on your system. And if you need additional training or support, just give us a call and we’ll gladly come to your office to assist you. We employ only the finest sales, service, and administrative personnel who meet our measurable level of standards.

Preventative Maintenance 

We maximize the uptime and lifetime of your equipment by providing free, preventative maintenance at periodic intervals. We also follow the manufacturer’s suggested replacement schedule on all consumable parts, and all upgrades made available by the manufacturer will be installed at no additional cost. 


At Digital Imaging we appreciate your business, and your satisfaction is our utmost importance. We offer our customers PEACE OF MIND if knowing that if for some reason the product does not perform to your expectations, we will replace it with a comparable product with no hassles.  

Loaner Equipment Guaranteed

If we are unable to repair equipment, will provide a loaner for free temporarily until yours is replaced.

Flexible Leasing

Upgrade to a new lease if 75% complete. 


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